Thursday, December 28, 2006

Update from the great beyond....or at least from my living room

Seeing as how it has been more than 2 months since a post on here, I figured it was about time. Halloween, Thanksgiving, one birthday, and Christmas have come and gone. (pretty much peacefully) Still haven't heard from any member of my family. My boyfriend started a blog (which he failed to tell me about right away). My oldest is a huge pain in the ass with more attitude than I even knew was possible for an 11 yr old. My youngest is quickly catching up to his brother, and I may have to check myself into to the mental ward for the teenage years! It is the end of December and it is still about 50 degrees and not a hint of snow in the forecast. I guess we have global warming to thank for that. (Go Aqua-net!)

And I keep getting a message from blogger anytime I sign on about upgrading to the new version, but I am supposed to log into my google account after the changes have been made. Do I even have a google account?? I love the computer!

Oh yeah, one more thing for one certain person. I was thinking back to May 9, 2004. Thanks for getting drunk.