Monday, June 30, 2008

Chuck Taylor Is Coming To My Wedding

Anyone reading this may have come to realize that I am a bit unconventional...

My wedding shoes came in the mail today. I ordered them from Converse. You can go to their site and pretty much design your own pair of shoes. Colors, patterns, whatever you want. I will be wearing a pair of purple and pink Chuck Taylors with the date 9 20 2008 embroidered on the back. Yep, these will be the shoes that I am wearing with my fancy wedding dress!!

Thursday, June 26, 2008


We live in a fairly large apartment complex, but the way our building is laid out there is one main door from the outside that leads to four apartments, 2 upstairs, 2 downstairs. It's nice that it is only the 4 families that come and go from our particular area. We have an elderly couple that live right below us. This couple has a lot of medical issues, with visits from the paramedics being a regular thing. One night last week there was a knock on the door from another neighbor telling me that the lady downstairs wanted me. I went down there and the husband was being taken to the hospital and she needed a ride because she couldn't drive. Jon ended up taking her and waiting at the hospital until she was ready to come home. He wasn't exactly thrilled with sitting in the E.R. waiting room with all the crazies on a Saturday night, but he did it all the same. Well, this morning he came into the bedroom a little after 8am (yes, I was sleeping!) with a gift basket that had fruit, cookies, crackers, cheese, and popcorn in it. My first thought was to yell at him because I assumed he and went out and bought something, and hello, we are poor!! : ) It turns out it was from the couple downstairs to thank us for helping them. It was completely unnecessary, yet incredibly sweet.

Friday, June 20, 2008

I Had a Dream...

...about wedding stuff last night. It was the morning of the wedding, yet we hadn't paid anyone for all the wedding stuff. You know, the food, the cake, the room, all the stuff that is supposed to be paid for weeks in advance. So that morning we were frantically trying to call people and pay them and hope that they would still let us use their stuff! I woke up upset thinking "oh crap, the wedding". Then I looked at the clock and it was 5:12am so I went back to sleep! But still, I wonder if this is just the beginning of freak out dreams that involve the wedding.

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Fun For Me!

I had a couple errands I had to run today and Jordan had to come with me. Let me just start by saying he's 11. As we were driving I was listening to a Bon Jovi cd and the song 'Have a Nice Day' was on. Well, me being me, I was signing along, rather loudly. Oh who am I kidding, I was VERY loud! Jordan was not amused! He kept trying to roll up his window, but since the window lock was on, he could not. He was giggling while trying to roll up the window while turning quite red. I kept singing. Getting louder anytime we would pass anyone on the street. Hahahaha! On the way home Jordan opted for the back seat.

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Cereal Up the Wazoo

It's no secret that coupons make me all warm and fuzzy inside! I have a 3 in 3-ring binder full of coupons. I buy multiple copies of the Sunday paper just for the coupons!

Anyway...this week at Acme (Albertsons to some) had certain General Mills cereal on sale for 5 for $10 and if you bought 5 boxes you would receive a coupon for a free gallon of milk on your next visit. (You could only do the deal once a day) I did this deal once on Friday with a $2 off 5 boxes of cereal coupon. So it ended up being $8 for 5 boxes of cereal and a coupon for a gallon of milk (up to 4.50), not that great, but still not bad. Sunday I had bought 4 papers and in looking through them for another coupon that I needed for a CVS deal, came across the 75cents off Chex, which just happens to be part of the cereal deal. Acme doubles coupons up to 99cents, making my 75 cent coupon $1.50. So, I only had 4 of those so I went in with my free milk coupon from the visit before, bought 4 boxes of Chex and 1 box of something else. Total out of pocket, $2.88! Turns out the milk coupon takes off 4.50 even though my milk was only 3.65. Seeing as how great that deal was, we went and bought 10 more papers. Yes, the cost of each paper was $1.25, but the ONE coupon makes up for that, plus all the other coupons that I WILL use. Jon went the next day and bought 5 more boxes of Chex for $2.50 plus another free milk coupon. Today I went to use the last of the cereal coupons and get a gallon of milk. My total was $1.38!! $1.38 for 5 boxes of cereal and a gallon of milk! Not only did I get $1.50 off each box of cereal, plus 4.50 off the milk, I was also credited .27 cents for tax because of the coupon! And after all that I still have 2 coupons for free milk!!

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

"But it's a dry heat."

Today is the first day in 4 or 5 that the temp. won't reach the 90's to 100's. Now being someone that used to live in the desert of Las Vegas and Southern California, I know about hot summers. Often we would have days where the temp was close to 120. People would always say "At least it's a dry heat!", and I would always think, "Yeah buddy I don't care how "dry" it may be, it's still frickin' hot out here!" Boy am I eating those words now! Living in PA comes with it the disgusting humidity. You take one step outside and the air is so thick that you want to die! The last 4 days have been so unbearable that several schools, including my kids', closed early. A lot of the schools here don't have air conditioning. I will take 120 in the desert rather than 95 with nasty amounts of humidity any day!!

Last night was to be our much needed reprieve. Thunder storms were coming, and with those would mean wonderful rain and lower temperatures! The storms came raging, and so did the winds and lightning. A little before 8pm the power went out. After a few calls to the power company it turns out that close to 150,000 customers lost power and many would be without power for several days. It was a miserable night spent trying to find the slightest bit of a breeze anywhere. Jon and I left the house after the kids got on the bus so that we could eat and find somewhere with air. Thank God above that when we got home around noon to get the kids the power was back on! We were one of the few lucky ones.

Thursday, June 05, 2008

I Can Print!

We bought a new printer last night. I won't go into the money part of it, because I may actually cry! (What really makes me cry is that when we got home with the printer, and Jon was setting it all up and trying to print stuff, he found a coupon that would have saved us $15 off the printer we just bought!!) The printer we had was a piece of crapola! We can now scan and print and copy and dance a jig! But, the best part is we can print fancy shmancy photos! Oh yes sirree Bob! We can indeed! The extra ink we bought came with 50 sheets of 4x6 glossy photo paper (which has it's only cute little separate area just for it). The printer also has a little LCD screen to see the pictures on when you put in your memory card (not that I actually know how to do that!) I'm a dork, I know. Half of the stuff on this thing I will probably never figure out, but it looks nice! I do, however, know how to print pics that I have saved to my desktop, so now I just have to figure out what to do with all of these!