Thursday, September 20, 2007

Missing Stuff

I love my life right now. I wouldn't change it. I wouldn't go back to how it once was. But the truth is, I miss some stuff. I miss being able to see people that I have known forever. I miss being able to find my way around without asking for directions. I miss the familiarity.

It's hard living somewhere for a majority of your life, and then moving clear across the country, where you know no one, don't know East from West or North from South. I'm not complaining, not even trying to whine. I'm just saying. I miss some stuff.


How do I survive? said...

I know how you feel. I moved to another state after 35yrs in the same state, city, well can't say zipcode. The city had a new one every few blocks lol. But I wouldn't go back if ya paid me. I love it here and I know my kids are happier and safer where we are now than could have ever been in the city. Oh and we live in a small town. One of those ones where everyone knows everyone. There's not a thing to do for fun but hey, would rather the kids die from bordom than anything to do with gangs. This is a really big change but like I said I wouldn't change anything. We're happy! Sometimes it takes a complete and total change to make your life better.

Krista said...

I just found your blog through "Ashley" and I had to say hello. I read your post about getting in the car and finding "AC/DC" ! I love it! That is hilarious, and I bet money it helps to sing that loud. I hope you are adjusting to your new home.