Thursday, June 26, 2008


We live in a fairly large apartment complex, but the way our building is laid out there is one main door from the outside that leads to four apartments, 2 upstairs, 2 downstairs. It's nice that it is only the 4 families that come and go from our particular area. We have an elderly couple that live right below us. This couple has a lot of medical issues, with visits from the paramedics being a regular thing. One night last week there was a knock on the door from another neighbor telling me that the lady downstairs wanted me. I went down there and the husband was being taken to the hospital and she needed a ride because she couldn't drive. Jon ended up taking her and waiting at the hospital until she was ready to come home. He wasn't exactly thrilled with sitting in the E.R. waiting room with all the crazies on a Saturday night, but he did it all the same. Well, this morning he came into the bedroom a little after 8am (yes, I was sleeping!) with a gift basket that had fruit, cookies, crackers, cheese, and popcorn in it. My first thought was to yell at him because I assumed he and went out and bought something, and hello, we are poor!! : ) It turns out it was from the couple downstairs to thank us for helping them. It was completely unnecessary, yet incredibly sweet.


Dev said...

aww!! that is so sweet that they bought you a gift for helping them! it sounds like you have got some adorable neighbors!

it was also awesome of your husband to wait with the lady at the hospital. i'm sure she was thankful for the company during such an uncertain time!

kristi said...

That is very, very nice!