Friday, February 29, 2008

More Wedding Stuff

The 3 of you that read this are going to get sick of this wedding stuff very soon!!

We decided on centerpieces and actually purchased them! We bought very cute votive holders in purple and pink at Ikea. 89 cents a piece (18 0f them). Hopefully someone will steal them at the reception because I don't need 18 candle holders! We also bought 6 largish clear vases that we still need to figure out what to do with. Those were marked at 2.99, but rang up for 1.49! I plan on putting rose petals in the bottom, and then who knows from there.

We have an appt. tomorrow to get info about the cake. We have decided on cupcakes with a small cake on the top of the tiers. We will just need to figure out prices, designs, and all that jazz.

We have managed to get all but about 6 addresses for the invitations, so Jon needs to work on that. We still need to put the money down for the room, find clothes, decide on food, and other details.

That's all for now.


Jon Brackin said...

I think I found my tux. I'm going to talk to them people tonight about it. It's a 1 button jacket with peak lapel, non-vented with a purple vest and tie (regular long one, I dont like the bow tie with this), white shirt with wing collar, black round toe shoes and silver and smoke cufflinks. Now I just need to find a top hat to go with it....