Monday, February 04, 2008

The Teachers Hate Him

That's what my son claims. He gets in trouble for not staying on task and being disruptive. He likes to be the funny guy and gets into trouble for it. He doesn't seem to be turning in homework. It's all because the teachers hate him.

What really irritates me (and them) is that he is a really smart kid. He scores in the top percentile in all of his tests. He just doesn't want to put effort in. He just finished telling me that, and I quote, "I do the bare minimum and it's good enough." I wanted to choke him! I didn't, but I wanted to!

He is currently in his bedroom making loud waling sounds and crying out "Why do you do this to me?", "Why are you so mean?" Curious as to what I did that was so mean?? I told him to clean out his binder and that I would be back in there to check it out and see what he wasn't doing.

I am horrible!!!


Jon Brackin said...

Seriously, you should seriously consider putting him in military school. They'd straighten him out!

kristi said...

My son gets mad at me when I tell him to wash his hands, or take a bath! I tell him, "YES! I am a horrible mother!"