Thursday, April 24, 2008

Second Guessing

So, I took the first step in enrolling the kids in a cyber school. Basically they will do all their classes online and have scheduled activities throughout the year to meet the other kids and teachers. Part of me thinks that this is absolutely the right decision. Then there is the another part of me that worries about the boys missing out on "school stuff". Jacob will be in high school in a little more than 2 years. With high school comes dances and football games and all those things. Is it wrong of me to keep him from all that? From meeting kids that may end up being some of his best friends? I don't know. Personally, I hated high school. If online classes had been an option for me, I would have loved it. But they aren't me. We are hopefully moving in a year or so, and who knows, we may end up being in an awesome school district with a wonderful high school. I can always put them back in a traditional school at the point. I always second (and third!) guess myself. Why should this be any different??


Jon Brackin said...

If we move where I think we're moving, the school can bite me, they'll stay with the online one =]

Diet Coke and Zingers said...

You gotta go with your gut! Personally, I loved high school so it's hard for me to imagine keeping my kids at home but to each his own, I say!

Beck said...

I hated high school, but it was also such a formative experience - and the last two years were a lot of fun AND I did meet my husband there. So I don't know.