Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Home at Last!

I spent the last 3 days at the hospital and am finally home! I went in early Monday morning with chest pain that had started Sunday night. I have had the pain before, and have gone to the ER numerous times in the past. Once about 2 years ago they kept me, but usually I just get sent home after several hours. I almost didn't go this time, but I had tingling in my arm as well as a bit of numbness in the face, so I figured I better go. After enduring tons of tests, including CT scans of my brain and chest, nuclear stress test, echo cardiogram, and more blood than I care to think about, I was released this afternoon. Diagnosis?? My heart looks fine, it wasn't a heart attack or stroke (Big shout out to God on this one!) so they said it was probably some sort of inflamed muscle tissue. Of course they used some big fancy word for it! I have a feeling it may just be what they tell people when they can't figure out anything else. I'm just glad to finally be out of there and able to shower and pee in my own bathroom!

Oh yeah, if you ever find yourself in the hospital, don't order the chicken pot pie. Seriously, just don't!

(One more thing...Jon was wonderful about sitting there with me while I was there. It was boring and horrible, and he didn't even leave when I was mean and grumpy and told him to just go home! I LOVE him!)


Jon said...

Eh, it was better than going to work...

Seriously, I'm just glad to have you healthy and home. Love you, baby girl!

Dawn said...

I am thankful it was not something more seerious! But it sounds like stress to me!!

Thanks for stopping by my S&T today - I read your last post and had to chuckle about the free sauna! My wedding was in December and I made a very simple velveteen dress, so didn't have to go through all that stuff. But I agree with you on the extra costs they like to throw in (I did two weddings in 6 months for my kids). I also agree with you on the necessity of those expensive slips. Dave's Bridal has a great racket going!

Teresa said...

So glad you are home and all the tests came back normal. I'm impressed that you ordered any kind of hospital food...yuck! Very cute about how wonderful Jon was. You are a lucky gal! Take care of yourself!

Barb said...

That had to be pretty scary, Michelle. Thank goodness any heart problems were ruled out.

Thanks for the warning about the chicken pot pie. Honestly, I can't imagine ordering something like that from their menu. I can't begin to imagine how much they can mess that up! Hopefully, I'll never be in a position to have to deal with a hospital menu, ever again. LOL

Very glad to hear you're OK.