Monday, July 21, 2008

More Freebies! (Complete with photos!)

Genaurdi's (Safeway or Vons in other places) is having a deal for the month that every time you bu 25 items that are part of the promo you get a coupon for $20 off your next order. Well, when you combine these with coupons and their sales, you end up with a whole lot of free stuff! I have done this 3 or 4 times now, and while some of the stuff I may not actually need right now, eventually we will, or I will give it away to someone that does. Here is what we got yesterday...

24 boxes of Kleenex ~ They were part of the promo, priced at 1.50, plus my .50 cent coupons that were doubled.

2 packages of Oscar Mayer hotdogs ~ also part of the promo, 2 different tags, 1 said buy one get one free @ 4.69, the other said $1. Turns out they were $1 each, but I had a coupon for those, so those were free, plus I got 2.69!

30 packages of Kool-Aid ~ I NEVER use it but it was 25 cents and I needed it in order to use my free hot dog and crystal light coupons that require a certain other purchase. I'll give away all the Kool-Aid. (Anyone want some? I have a total of 75 packages now. I'll be happy to mail it to!)

9 containers of Crystal Light ~ (Each container makes 12 quarts) These were on sale for 3.99 reg. 6.29, my coupons made them free.

2 cases of Crystal Geyser water 35 bottles ea. ~ These were on sale for 4.99. I had to throw these in at the end because after all the coupons I had used I didn't have a high enough total to use my $20 coupon!

Apparently because the hot dogs and the Crystal Light were both on sale, the coupon still takes off the full price because that is what they are getting back from the manufacturer. My free hot dog coupons took off 4.69, all but 3 of the Crystal Light coupons took off 6.29, the others took off 3.99. For all that stuff I paid $1.29!! I saved $150.60, which equaled 101% savings!! I also got another $20 and a $4 coupon at the register for next time!


Jon said...

We were told there would be photos? Could you share the photos please?

Just idding.. you rock babe! I think we should go back again tonight.

kristi said...

WOW You go girl! We drink kool aid.

Amy said...

Awesome! I have to check this out. I thought I did good at the grocery store today saving 60% - but you rock!

kristi said...

Thanks, I got it today! I appreciate it!!