Monday, August 18, 2008

I Lack Organization Skills

I have mentioned before that my kids are being home schooled this year. Well, technically it is an online charter school, so all their lessons and teachers will be on the computer. It is my job as their "learning coach" to assist with every lesson, make sure they are doing what needs to be done, organize all the supplies, keep in contact with the teachers, mail in work, etc., etc. I think it may be more work for me than it is for them! We had already received all the computer equipment in the mail, and we just recently received all the text books and supplies for the year. (Not including the supplies for any electives they decide to take once the school year has started.) Right now I have 2 boxes, both weighing 39 lbs each, full of books. I now have to figure out how to organize all this stuff so that nothing gets lost or ruined, and so that everything is easily accessible everyday. I have great ideas in my head. Wonderful shelves and trays and whatnot, however the actual setup gets me every time. It isn't going to look like I imagine it in my head, so then I get cranky. Just a little bit!

This entire thing has become a bit overwhelming. Not only am I trying to figure out how to get all this put away, I'm also worried about how the kids are going to do their work. The website is very organized, but there is so much stuff to figure out. I have been told that once we are doing for a little bit we will get the hang of it, but still. I know without a doubt that it is the best thing for the boys, and regardless of how much work it is going to be for me, that's really all that matters.


Jon said...

You get cranky when things aren't exactly as you had them in your head? I had no idea!

kristi said...

Best wishes on the homeschooling!