Friday, August 15, 2008

Today is the day...

Today is the day that was on our RSVP cards. "Kindly mail by August 15, 2008". People have had these cards for about a month now and we still haven't received half of them. Yes, HALF!! Come on people! You are giving me a coronary, more gray hair than I know what to do with, and you are not helping my high blood pressure. I know that I still should give these people a few days for the mail to get them delivered, but we have to meet with the caterer on Wednesday and give him the head count, and a check. So, do I give him a higher number, do I say "oh well, you didn't respond, you don't eat"? Also, should I have Jon start calling people (they are his friends) and find out what's up?

Grrrrrrr, this is NOT fun!


Dawn said...

Thanks for stopping by my Show and Tell today and for your kind comments.

I think, though it is crazy and should be unnecessary, that you should put these people on the spot before Wednesday. Good luck!