Monday, September 15, 2008

I Need a Drink

Warning: This post lacks rhythm, flow, and proper structure. It also goes here, there, and everywhere!

So, the wedding is on Saturday. Yeah. This Saturday. I have a crap load of stuff to do. My head is spinning. My brother is coming to town Thursday night with his gf. I need to clean.

We found bowls for our centerpieces a few months ago at Michael's. We didn't buy them at the time because we weren't 100% sure how many tables we were going to have, so we didn't know how many bowls we would need. They were 7.99 at Michael's. Well, I was at Wal-Mart shortly after that and the exact same bowls were 3.98. Well, duh, I will buy them at Wal-Mart. I bought one bowl to make sure the ducks fit in it. (Bride and groom rubber ducks will be in the bowls) Yesterday I went to buy the other 5 that we need, and they only had one! Of course they did. So now I have to find 4 more bowls by Friday. And now that I know I can get them for $4, I will NOT pay $8. That probably means that I will drive all over the place to different Wal-Mart's, wasting gas. I know. I'm just crazy like that.

I decided to make little tags to tie to the bottles of wedding bubbles. Well, I have 48 bottles and apparently 5 yards of ribbon is not enough! I managed to do 17 last night before I ran out of ribbon. Yep. I am a genius!

I have about 18,000 loads of laundry to do. Tomorrow I will be without power from, according the management office, at least 8-6. Did I mention that the kids do school online now?? I plan on going back and forth between Panera Bread and the library, with a quick stop to the doctor's office to find out what the rash is that is covering both of my kids, and making their faces swell.

That's enough for now.


Dev said...

Oh wow! What an insane week! I feel for you... Deep, soothing breaths, my friend. Deep, soothing breaths. This too shall pass.