Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Wedding Photos

Edited: I didn't realize my MySpace was set to private, so it is fixed now, and anyone that would like can go and look at the pics!

We had such an awesome day! The weather was gorgeous. The reception rocked! One day I will do a better post describing it, but for now I will just post some pics. The wedding was on Saturday, and Sunday we got dressed up again and went into the city (Philly) to take some pictures at some of the "you went to Philly so you have to take your picture there" type of places.

Well, I have tried and tried to get blogger to post my pics, but it just isn't happening, so instead I will give you a link and hope that works! This is the link to my MySpace (Yes, I know I'm a grown woman!) page. My MySpace If you click on the link near the top for pics, the first 2 albums will be wedding photos. ("Wedding 9~20~2008" and "Tagged Photos")


Jon said...

Babe, your profile is set to private. Only your myspace friends can go and see your pictures.

Michelle said...