Monday, May 05, 2008

Our Weekend

We spent Saturday trying to sell our unwanted crap at a flea market put on by a church down the street. The weather was cloudy, mixed with a teeny bit of rain here and there. Not the best, but it wasn't all that bad. Once we factored in the fees, we made a little more than $80. Not too bad for a bunch of stuff that we were going to drop off at the thrift store. Jordan had his own table set up with toys, and he made about $17, spent about half of it on other stuff at the flea market, but still not bad.

Sunday was spent at various grocery stores getting the most bang for our buck. I've mentioned here before that I started using coupons A LOT! I tend to not buy that many things that I don't have coupons for. So, after clipping the coupons, searching the ads, we were off. Overall, I think we actually saved more than we spent, so woohoo for us!!! We have enough food in this place to last quite a while, and that's always a good thing. We also added to the ever growing stockpile. (We have enough cans of Lysol to last a year! Sales + Coupons = Awesome Deals!!)) The best bargain of the day was probably 20 boxes of cereal for $14!! It might sound a bit crazy to have so much of one thing at a time, but trust me, I would rather have more than what I need right this minute than have to spend 4 times as much because I ran out.

It was a long weekend, exhausting for some reason, but a good one.

Oh yeah, the 4 of us played Trivial Pursuit on the Xbox Saturday night. Jacob won! With no help from us! He did an awesome job!!!


Jon Brackin said...

Seriously, I think we got well over $500 worth of stuff for well under half price. And the cereal ended up being $11 after that catalina coupon... Oh wow, listen to me... I need to go make sure my testicles are still there...